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Divorce Care

Caleb and Debi Good

One mom found it hard to walk into the meeting room on her first night, but the information—and even more, the hope she found there—brought her back to DivorceCare week after week.

“Seeing people there who were further along in the process gave me hope that I could make it through this,” she said.

Although many people are nervous about going for the first time, they very quickly discover that this gathering of men and women who are divorced or separated is a place to find encouragement and acceptance. An environment of caring and shared experience is what leaders Caleb and Debi Good say you’ll find in WBC’s DivorceCare group. Having experienced the pain of divorce themselves, the Goods are eager to help others who are going through or recovering from divorce.

A typical evening begins with a 6:00 family dinner. After the meal, children go to their Treasured Promises groups, and DivorceCare participants gather to hear a video by a pastor, a counselor, an author, or another expert—along with men and women who share from their own divorce experience. Each session addresses a topic specifically targeted to practical issues facing those dealing with divorce.

“They all share God’s truth,” Debi says, “and practical approaches to working through this difficult time.”

Following the video, they break into small groups to discuss the topics on the video and share specific individual concerns. These small groups, the Goods say, are where relationships are forged that last far beyond the program.

“This is a place where you can be heard and where you see that you are not alone in your struggle,” Debi adds.

The Goods, involved in the DivorceCare ministry for the past five years, report that for some, DivorceCare has been the beginning of a whole new chapter in their spiritual journey. A number have come to know Christ as their Savior, and some who had never attended church before have become regular attenders at WBC. For others who had turned away from the life of the church, the group has marked a return to active involvement, and for some the transformation has led to significant ministry roles, attending Bible school, and reaching out to others.

They also know of at least four group members who have reconciled and remarried their former spouses. And while no one can look into the heart of another person, Caleb and Debi find great satisfaction in the noticeable change God has made in the men and women who’ve made a commitment to completing the program.

Want to tell someone about DivorceCare at WBC? Pick up info cards at the Welcome Desk! 

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