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A Ministry of Music

(Léelo en Español)

By Fernando Rivera

My life is a testimony that God can draw people to Himself though the art of music.

At the age of fifteen I had a strong desire to learn to play the guitar but no one to teach me.

Then I heard about a local church that was offering guitar classes. At that point in my life I hadn’t received God’s gift of salvation, so my only intention for learning guitar was for mere pleasure. The last place that I could ever imagine learning to play the guitar was at church, but I decided to check it out. Before I knew it, I was learning songs that I had never heard before—love songs that weren’t between a man and women but between a Creator and His loved creation.

A year passed, and at the age of sixteen I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Soon after, I was invited to join the church’s worship band, and the rest is history.

So why do I teach guitar classes to young people at Iglesia del Pueblo? Simply because of what Jesus says in Matthew 10:8: “Freely you have received, freely give.” Teaching guitar is my way of serving God and His Kingdom by giving to others what has been given to me. Every time I teach guitar, I am reminded of what God has done for me and of what He can do in the lives of my students.

For every teacher there are students that you feel a special bond with—a connection. These students can remind you of yourself in many ways, but most important, they inspire you with their potential. This was the case with Jonathan Gonzalez. Johnny showed that he wanted not only to learn to play guitar but also that he wanted to use it as a tool for the glory of God. It is such a joy to me that Johnny is now leading the worship time for the new Iglesia Community Group at the Timber Lake Apartments.

For me as a guitar teacher there has been no greater satisfaction than to see God doing amazing things in the lives of my students.

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