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Eager for the Good News

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Nora’s Story

Nora Landeros

During a recent Sunday service, the congregation of Iglesia del Pueblo watched and listened to a video testimony by Nora Landeros, who serves in Iglesia’s Children’s Ministry.

That morning, Nora shared, in her own words, this powerful story about what had happened in her class as her young students heard and understood the message of the Gospel:

That Sunday morning our third and fourth grade class was reading Jesus’ words about the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 20:1–16. We discussed what the Kingdom of Heaven was, what it was like, and who could get in. We talked about the example of a man who accepted Christ only one day before he died, without realizing he was going to die. We also talked about Octavio, the little boy here in our church who recently went to be with Jesus, and of how Octavio’s life was a living testimony, how he always spoke of Jesus, and that he knew he was going to be in heaven with Jesus when he died.

Diego, one of the children in our class, asked how he could know Jesus. For a moment it took me by surprise, but then I asked the rest of the group if anyone else wanted to hear about how they could know Jesus too. I asked them who in the class had already accepted Christ as their Savior and who hadn’t yet made that decision.

Diego persisted that he wanted to know more, and soon Rafael said that he did too.

I began by talking with them about why we must receive forgiveness for our sins in order to enter into Heaven. Then Ali, another child in the class, asked what it meant to sin.

Within the group they started to call out that it was stealing or murdering, things that are sometimes far away from our minds. But Malena, another teacher who was helping out with the class that morning, explained that it was even simpler than that—to disobey was a sin.

At that moment Ali understood what it really meant to sin, and not only that, but he also began to see himself as a sinner. Then Ali said that he wanted to accept Christ.

Next, Alexandra said she also wanted to accept Christ, and finally David expressed a desire to become a Christian as well. So I told them that I would pray with them to receive Christ.

It was so exciting to see that these five children clearly understood that they were sinners and that they really wanted to be forgiven and to be able to go to Heaven. It was also a beautiful thing to see their classmates so concerned for them.

It was a moving experience for me to see how Alberto, another child in the class, was excited that Diego had come to know the Lord. They were encouraging each other to take this step of faith.

Her students listen intently as Nora Landeros teaches her Sunday morning class.

Then we asked the five children who wanted to accept Christ to go to the center of the classroom. The rest of us teachers and students who had already made a profession of faith made a big circle around them and prayed with them and for them.

I led the students in the center in the Sinner’s Prayer, and they acknowledged that they were sinners. They asked Jesus to forgive them, and then expressed thankfulness to God for the gift of salvation that Jesus had given them when He died on the cross.

It was truly exciting and awe inspiring to see how God was and is working in the hearts of our children.

As the video concluded, the entire congregation erupted in spontaneous clapping, praising God for what He had done. And from those who heard the story, fifteen new volunteer teachers stepped forward to serve, filling on a single day a longstanding need for more teachers!

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