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Missionary Update: Johnathan and Miriam Macris

Johnathan and Miriam serve with Hellenic Ministries in Athens, Greece

These are just a sampling of the responses to an ongoing Bible distribution program throughout the entire nation of Greece.

  • A woman is ready to commit suicide when her son comes into the house holding a bag with a Bible and beautiful literature. The bag reads “God loves you.” Last month the woman was baptized.
  • A woman calls in hours after she found a Bible packet hung on her door. Her request? Three hundred more packets so she can place one in every room of the casino hotel near the biblical city of Corinth!
  • A man has loaded his pistol. It’s sitting on the desk. He is ready to commit suicide. He finds a Bible hanging on his door. Now he wants to share his house with us for anything that we may need it for.

Pray for the WBC GO Team that will be in Greece during July to help distribute over 500,000 packets of materials and Bibles.

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