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Missionary Update: Philip B.

Philip mentors and trains believers among one of the most unreached people groups in Asia

“This wall used to be full of idols,” a member tells me as we sit on his bed after church eating spicy chicken and hot flat breads his wife is pulling off the gas stove in the kitchen.

He tells me how he used to suffer from anxiety. He worshiped the gods in the temple and at home, but in the midst of the worship he felt no peace. A relative kept telling him about the Good News of Jesus and invited him to attend the worship in our neighborhood church. But he never came.

One Sunday, feeling unsettled, he decided to visit our service. “A sense of peace came over me from the very first worship service I attended,” he tells me.

Shortly after that visit, he cleared all the idols off the shelf on the wall and broke them. Then he took the bold step of baptism, and now he attends our church’s discipleship class.

“What can I do to understand God’s Word?” he asks me as our conversation continues over a sweet dessert.

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