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My Story: Fred Martin

As a child, I went to Sunday school and confirmation classes, but to be honest, I didn’t get it. I didn’t believe in Christianity, and frankly I doubted the intelligence of anyone who did. How could someone die for my sins? How could the Red Sea part? How could people be healed? How could five loaves and two fish feed five thousand people?

Christians are stupid! I thought.

After an early marriage and a horrible divorce, I found Holly, my everything. We got married, and I found a good job. My  two children from my previous relationship were doing well. Finally, life was good, but still something was missing. I went  from hobby to hobby. I gained weight, smoked, and drank too much. Eventually my lifestyle cost me my health. I was angry with God; I hated Him and felt forsaken. I started reading the Bible. I had to try something, anything. I was lost and broken, but I still didn’t get Christianity.

About that time my sister Michele invited me to church.  She was being baptized. I wanted to support her, and to be honest, I was curious. Deep inside I longed for something that would give me hope. Some songs were played, and then I saw Michele wearing a white robe step into the baptismal tank. The light was on her. I wondered if she felt nervous. I was nervous for her. Then she began to share the story of how God had changed her life. There were parts of it I had never heard, but I knew it was true. I had witnessed the transformation with my own eyes.

Silently, and to myself that day, I took Jesus into my heart. Like the Prodigal Son, I began the journey home to my heavenly Father. A few months later, at the end of a worship service, the speaker led us in a prayer of salvation. After the prayer he asked those of us who had prayed along with him to raise our hands.

With great conviction in my heart I held my hand high for all to see. I was home. I was truly home.

Never underestimate the power of your story!
Telling our stories helps others to know us better and gives them a real-life picture of what it looks like to personally experience God’s grace—telling them how being a Christian is not about what we do, but what God did for us.

What story could you tell?
Visit our Stories page at and share your story of how God has changed/is changing your life!

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