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My Story: Jeff Walser

I grew up in a family where we believed that if you worked hard enough and long enough and smart enough you could accomplish anything. I was a driven kid, very competitive and always comparing myself to everyone around me. I was also selfish and proud and always looking for affirmation and acceptance. Because of that,

I was confident on the outside but anxious on the inside.

In my late teens, God began working in my family. My brother became a Christian through a close friend, and he began talking to me about God 24 hours a day. Other members of my family became Christ followers.

Still, in my pride I kept on trying to do things my way and perform for acceptance. 

Eventually I stopped rejecting and starting listening. I started reading. One day, while I was reading Isaiah 53 in the Bible—a chapter all about Jesus but written 750 years before His birth—what I read overwhelmed me. I read that “he was wounded for our transgressions” and that “by his wounds we are healed,” and it sank in. I believed in Jesus that day. At that moment I received His forgiveness for my sins, gave up my shame, and accepted the love that freed me from performing for His acceptance.

It’s been an extraordinary 30+ years since then. A long journey of learning and growing to depend on God and letting go of many patterns and behaviors. His work in me has been nothing short of a miracle.

As I look back over these years, I am so blessed to see how my trust in Him, my belief that I am accepted by God through Christ, has grown and my dependency on His Word has transformed my life.

Getting to Know Jeff:

  1. The gift I will never forget:
    on my 50th birthday, my kids gave me a handmade book—printed on hand-stitched canvas pages—that incorporated my daughter’s photography, as well as other photos from different stages of my life. each photo was accompanied by a special story written by my middle son. The last item was a letter written by my oldest son, which he performed as an original song. It is a treasure.
  2. If you could visit anyplace in the world, where would you go and why?
    Back to Israel with my family to share the experience of walking where Jesus walked.
  3. What’s the #1 most played song on your ipod?
    “Your Love remains” by The Brillance, and “The earth Is Yours” by Gungor.
  4. What is your favorite form of exercise? 
    Running on the beach.
  5. What sound do you love?
    Elevated train—downtown Chicago. Ocean.
  6. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  7. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
    From Sausage to Souls: The Untold Story

Never underestimate the power of your story!
Telling our stories helps others to know us better and gives them a real-life picture of what it looks like to personally experience God’s grace—telling them how being a Christian is not about what we do, but what God did for us.

What story could you tell?
Visit our Stories page at and share your story of how God has changed/is changing your life!

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