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My Story: Renee Lotz

I’ve always gone to church—but it was more about religious ceremony than understanding what the Bible teaches. Then a couple of things happened.

First, I had a conversation with my husband’s aunt, who comes from a church background very similar to mine. She’d started studying the Bible and showed me that Christianity isn’t about religious ceremonies but about developing a relationship with Jesus. And that Jesus alone offers assurance of salvation. Around that same time, a friend told me about a Christian radio station. I started listening and enjoyed hearing people talk about the assurance they have for their future.

Eventually, my husband and I started attending a new church where people lived out their faith daily. All those things fit together—and I made the decision to dedicate my life to Christ.

My new relationship with Him has given me a strength I never had in the past. 

I am especially grateful because my father-in-law had a massive stroke about eighteen months ago, which has required a lot of our support. Through it all, I’ve been able to rest on my faith, knowing that God is in control and walking every step with us.

Never underestimate the power of your story!
Telling our stories helps others to know us better and gives them a real-life picture of what it looks like to personally experience God’s grace—telling them how being a Christian is not about what we do, but what God did for us.

What story could you tell?
Visit our Stories page at and share your story of how God has changed/is changing your life!

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