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The Latest from Puente del Pueblo

Change is in the air! Our new Puente del Pueblo community center is being remodeled and repainted, and is nearly ready for a new season of outreach to the Timber Lake community!

This new space will allow Puente to continue and expand services to residents, particularly the new after-school program for teens, Puente del Futuro. The center is also home to an Iglesia del Pueblo Community Group that gathers there, bringing adults and families together for Bible study, worship, and fellowship each Wednesday evening.

Celebrate our new facility with us, and meet just some of the people who helped us spruce up our new space!

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Did you know ?

There are currently 195 students and adults who volunteer at Puente del Pueblo, making the after-school programs, summer camps, and ESL tutoring possible! Since Local Impact Sunday, back in March, when we put out the word that more volunteers were needed, 42 additional people inquired about volunteer opportunities—and some are already volunteering! Others will be attending the ESL tutor-training class that starts in September, and some are signed up to help with camps this summer!

Could you help us?

In the fall, Puente will need many new afterschool tutors for Puente del Niño (first through sixth graders) and for Puente del Futuro (seventh through tenth graders). In fact, we could use as many as 50 tutors a day! Or perhaps you could help in one of these other areas:

  • Additional ESL tutors could be paired with adults on our waiting list for the adult ESL program.
  • Five new volunteer positions are available in the Puente office.
  • Summer camps start July 9, volunteers needed.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator,, 630.876.6684

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