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A New Way of Giving By Scott Landon

All In

For as long as you’ve been giving to Wheaton Bible Church, you’ve been able to designate where your gift would go—to the Building Fund, Caring Fund, Iglesia del Pueblo, General Fund, and others. But during the two years of ALL IN, we are simplifying our giving. We will continue to support each of those specific needs, but it will be through gifts to a single fund, rather than having to repeatedly designate our gifts.

Why a Single Fund?
There are four reasons why we’re making this change. First, a by-product of the traditional way of giving is the need for multiple appeals throughout the year—appeals that might make it appear that ministries are in competition for funding.

On those occasions, individuals and families are asked—in addition to their regular giving—to bring a special offering when a need or project comes along—possibly for one of our three church-wide initiatives or for a special missions project. And even though we limited the “asks” to four to six a year, this can be confusing and/or overwhelming, both to the faithful giver and to the individual or family that is growing in generosity.

Second, this one-fund giving approach takes away the ambiguity of special requests for “above and beyond” gifts, a label that for some raises the question of, “Above-and-beyond what?” Even at our church, there are a significant number of people that do not give regularly—people who wonder what it means to go “above and beyond” their nonexistent giving. Rather than engaging them in the regular, joyful, proportional giving that the Scriptures teach, a typical two-fund generosity effort could sideline them.

Third, since moving to our new campus, our giving opportunities have grown as we have added and enlarged ministries and begun to pay back the money borrowed to build our campus.

Fourth, with one-fund giving, each of us can pray and think about the total amount God is calling us to give to the ministries of our church over the next two years. Our single “ask” is to intentionally seek God’s leading as to how He would have us invest in His Kingdom work through Wheaton Bible Church.

How ALL IN Giving Works
During the two years of ALL IN, all giving (what would previously have been designated to the General, Hispanic, Caring, Puente del Pueblo, MOVE, Hope Kenya, mission projects, building, or other specific needs) will be combined into a single fund.

Each person’s giving will be used for every project that is part of our church’s ministry. (The only exception is the contributions for short-term mission trips. These funds would continue to be separate.)

Benefits and Advantages

One of the great advantages of the one-fund giving approach is the focus it brings to the entire ministry plan budget, reinforcing our complete vision and providing mission alignment for the entire church family.

It “connects the dots” between the everyday mission of WBC and the everyday commitment of each person—allowing us all to see our budget not as “overhead” or this project or that, but as the engine that fuels all our ministries. This approach makes clear the impact of our giving and reminds us why God wants us to give to the local church and invest our money in His Kingdom.

One-fund giving also solidifies the personal involvement of each individual and the commitment of our congregation as a whole, connecting our everyday generosity with stories of lives changed and other evidence of how God is at work in us and through us.

Single-fund giving also helps us grow in the spiritual discipline of honoring and obeying God through our giving and allows each of us as givers—whatever the size of our gift—to participate in all four areas of giving taught in the Bible:

Giving to those who teach and minister —Galatians 6:6
Giving to missionaries who spread the Gospel —1 Corinthians 9:14
Giving to the poor —Proverbs 19:17
Giving to believers in need —James 2:15–16

On a practical level, combining numerous giving areas also streamlines our accounting processes, which reduces our processing costs. And because one-fund giving is new, we believe this new way of giving can have an energizing “this is different from anything we have done before” feeling, which can help even faithful, long-time givers take a fresh look at their giving and why we are called to give.

Most important, we believe that this way of giving allows us to grow as a church of ever-more-consistent, intentional givers, who are even more willing and more obedient stewards of all God has entrusted to us.


Will ALL IN maintain our support to missions? Yes. Many people thought when we moved to our new campus that our missions outreach, both locally and globally, would be reduced. In actuality, our commitments to missions have grown, and we are doing more ministry in those areas than ever before.

How will our annual budgets be determined? We will continue to budget expenses strategically and will track expenses the same as we always have. The congregation will continue to approve the annual budget and receive the annual report showing actual revenue and expenses compared to budget.

Can I still designate a gift? Yes. While we believe strongly in the benefits of the ALL IN fund, you may still designate a gift if you so desire. Both the WBC giving envelopes and the online giving form provide space for you to indicate a designation for your gift.

Additional questions about this new way of giving?

Check out our FAQs at or contact Scott Landon,, 630.876.6621.

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