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Why We Love Financial Peace University! By Rhonda and Greg Ford

Rhonda and Greg Ford

Rhonda and Greg Ford

RHONDA: When we were first married, we both had full-time jobs. We had two paychecks, and we had money left over after we paid the bills. We were living very comfortably. When I became a full-time mom and I didn’t work outside the home, we continued to live as if we had two paychecks. I used the credit card to pay for things that the paycheck didn’t cover. When the credit card bill came in, Greg would say, “Where did all these charges come from?” And I would say, “Well, we had to have it. You pay the bills. Figure it out.”

GREG: Our credit-card debt had become out of control, and I knew we were in a lot of trouble when we started making our mortgage payment on our credit card. So having been in real estate for a long period of time, I decided to make some real estate investments. And unfortunately, as the economy started going down, so did my real estate investments. And it really kind of threw us for a loop.

We had a couple of friends that said, “Hey, you really need to go to Financial Peace University.” Didn’t know anything about it. So we tried it out, and, my goodness, it really helped us dramatically. I had taken care of the budgeting for twenty-five years, and I hadn’t really allowed Rhonda to do any of the check writing or anything in regards to budgeting.

The first couple of sessions were extremely difficult for us. But I tell you what, that was life changing for us. We committed to doing this together.

RHONDA: When we began doing Financial Peace University about four years ago, our marriage really began to heal, not just in financial issues but in our communication and our relationship. We began to make decisions together. Our kids would see us working on these things together. It had a great impact on them to see us work through things even when it was really hard.  It has given us a tremendous amount of freedom in our communication about finances.  We don’t have it all mastered or perfected, but we are working on it together, and we do not use credit cards. I would recommend anyone taking Financial Peace University—the sooner the better!


Join the 9-week class starting in January. More at!

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