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Notes and News: Global Outreach

Global_MissionEcclesia Community Group Heads to India on a “Go on Your Own” Mission Trip

In late January, nine young adults in their twenties from our Ecclesia Adult Class left for a trip of a lifetime—a ten-day mission trip to Chennai, in the southern part of India, where they were involved in medical camps and construction projects for Gilgal Gospel Mission.

Steve and Jocy Enison, leaders in this young-adult class, had dreamed of going to India to serve alongside Gilgal Gospel Mission, whose US board president is Jocy’s father.

The Enisons shared this passion with their community group, and seven friends decided to join them. This ambitious group of twenty-somethings paid for the trip out of pocket but also raised $10,000 for supplies for medical camps and construction projects at a children’s home and administrative buildings for the mission.

From David and Debbie Frank— in Spain with GEM

Global_FrankWhen volunteers (such as WBC GO Teams) come to Spain to work in our camping ministry at L’Arcada, we try to communicate the devastating spiritual situation here and encourage them to get involved in reaching Spain for Christ through prayer, giving, or on-site serving.

Kelly, one such “international” staff member, came to L’Arcada on a church mission trip three years ago to help with our English camp. During the two weeks here, she developed a deep love for Spain and concern for the huge spiritual need here. That burden continued, and later she returned to Spain as an English teacher in Barcelona for three school years. During each of those summers, Kelly came to our L’Arcada English camp as a counselor and ended up having the same girls in her teepee all three summers. (They were all nonbelievers and asked to be in her teepee). God continued to work in their hearts as Kelly shared with them and maintained contact with them during the year.

This past summer something exciting happened! After three years at camp with Kelly as their counselor, four of the girls made the decision to accept Jesus as their Savior and requested a Bible. Kelly continues to maintain contact with them, as they are from the Barcelona area where she teaches.

When things like this happen, it reminds us of how amazing it is that God weaves the tapestry and uses us to bring others into His Kingdom. What a privilege!

From Wes Kennedy—in Mexico with a Church Plant of Chicago’s New Life Community Church

Wes Kennedy

Wes Kennedy

There are an extraordinary number of single-parent homes in Mexico. In fact, Querétaro (where our church plant is located) has the highest number of single mothers in all of Mexico. For me it has been both a challenge and privilege to be a “father to the fatherless” for a handful of kids and teens who are my neighbors. This means building trust by spending time together, being generous in spirit, and speaking words of life to awaken the hopeless child inside. Sometimes it means giving a hard word of correction to challenge these boys and young men to take responsibility for their actions, to live with integrity, or to persevere.

One relationship that has yielded fruit is with Johan, who lives a few doors down from me. One night he came to our ministry house to do his homework, and we began to talk about his dad, who had left a long time ago to seek work in Texas. Johan confided in me that his grandma was a “bruja,” or witch. Sadly, he has seen his share of supernatural occurrences and has lived in a very real spiritual fear. I shared with him the victory that those who follow Jesus have over all spirits and darkness. We looked at Romans 8, which affirms that Christ followers are “more than conquerors” and “nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.”

That night Johan prayed that Jesus would be King of his heart, mind, and life. Since then he has regularly come to our ministry house himself or for groups, and we are slowly beginning a discipleship process. I pray for Johan a lot, given his family’s spiritual background, his age, the absence of a father, and the pressures of the neighborhood. I’m confident that God orchestrated our friendship for a purpose, and I long to see Johan sink deep spiritual roots and produce a harvest 30, 60, 100 times!

From an Unnamed Missionary Couple—in an Undisclosed Asian Country

We are completing our first year of language study, and the Lord has given us little reminders of progress and his goodness along the way. Living in South Asia, we have quickly adapted to the frequent festivals and holidays. Recently, my parents were visiting from the US. While they were here, there was a Hindu festival called Dusshera, celebrating the god and goddess Ram and Sita.

Festivals here usually involve visiting people and bringing sweets, so we went to our language helper’s house, whose family we know well. My parents were quickly welcomed, fed sweets and traditional South Asian food. Part of this holiday involves the matriarch of the family blessing the family members for the year. We were all included in this tradition. She placed red colored rice on our forehead and wheat grass in our hair, saying a blessing prayer over us. This family speaks only Hindi, so it was encouraging to see the close relationship that has developed between us as we have taken steps to enter into their culture. Please pray for us as we love, spend time with, and share God’s truth with this family. He has blessed our language study, and He reminds us often why we are here.

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