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85 Years of Faithful and Sacrificial Giving


Our God-sized goal is $30 million With seven months remaining, our goal is reachable. We want to finish strong and continue to join God in what He is doing.

As we mark the 85th Anniversary of Wheaton Bible Church, we are compelled to pause and praise God for the thousands of individuals in prior generations who have made this ministry possible. What we have and enjoy today is due, in large part, to their vision and sacrifice. Gary Dausey’s article (see page 14) reminds us of our church’s heritage of sacrificial giving. In the midst of the Great Depression, any giving was sacrificial, but remarkably, in a matter of months, that congregation with fewer than 300 members raised $30,000—more than four times their annual budget. (In terms of our 2014 budget, that would be like taking a special offering and receiving $45 million!)

Over these 85 years, thousands of lives have been—and continue to be—impacted through the ministry of our church. As a result, we’ve been growing for God’s glory. That has led to the need for bigger facilities, which has resulted in our building for God’s glory. This was possible only because God’s people practiced generosity by investing for God’s glory—giving to buy this land and build this campus—and enabling our church to carry out the ministry God has called us to.

Today, we are on a journey we call ALL IN, a bold two-year commitment to radical generosity. It’s our all-church focus—from December 2012 to December 2014—to support ongoing ministries, accelerate debt reduction, and expand ministry to our church family, our community, and the world.

The exciting news is that God is blessing our ALL IN effort. Ministries are being supported. The number of people giving has increased, and the total giving has increased. As a result, we have been able to expand our Puente del Pueblo initiative here in West Chicago, as well as other strategic ministries. Monthly support has increased for 40 missionaries serving around the world. And we have reduced our debt by $4.1 million/23 percent, saving more than $190,000 in interest annually. We give Him the all the glory!


2 Corinthians 9:7–8

What will it take?

Reaching our ALL IN goal will require our individual commitment to the Kingdom work at Wheaton Bible Church and our mutual commitment as the Body of Christ.

It asks all of us to participate and calls for

  • those who have not given to begin giving;
  • those who are financially pressed to give what they can;
  • those who give what is easy to prayerfully seek God’s guidance; and
  • those who give obediently—even sacrificially—to continue to invest in God’s work with openhanded generosity.

Will we give sacrificially over the remaining months of 2014 as our congregation did in 1935? 

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This entry was posted on June 15, 2014 by in ALL IN, Summer 2014.

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