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The Invitation

Invitation_HeaderIt was as simple as one boy inviting another to a friend’s house to watch a movie. But God used that simple invitation—and the events that followed—to welcome a new child into His Kingdom.

The movie was the My Hope with Billy Graham video, and the same powerful stories in that video that have touched thousands of lives across America and around the world also intrigued a junior high student named Liam.

A Challenge

It was last fall that the Student Ministries team at Wheaton Bible Church challenged junior high and high school students to invite their friends to small gatherings in homes to watch the My Hope/Defining Moments video. The response was amazing, as junior high students made plans to gather in eight different homes and to bring their friends.

One group of eighth-grade guys agreed to meet in the home of Junior High Pastor Scott Murray. Blaise, a young man who attends the group, invited his friend Liam. That evening of grilling hot dogs and watching the video was Liam’s first encounter with Wheaton Bible Church—but it wasn’t his last. He loved the evening enough that he decided he would visit Studio78, our junior high midweek ministry.

There he found a place where he felt accepted and where he could learn more about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

A New Life in Christ

Liam began regularly attending those Wednesday-night meetings. And when he heard about WinterPalooza—a weekend when busloads of our junior high students travel to Wisconsin for their annual winter camp—Liam excitedly said he wanted to go.

It was that weekend, after one of the messages, when Liam prayed to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

Invitation_TrioA New Mission

Liam has continued to be part of the junior high ministry, and he is continuing to grow and learn. Most recently, he felt God was calling him to sign up for a GO Team (missions trip) to Kentucky. When Liam’s mom stopped by the Student Ministry offices to drop off the forms for the trip, she affirmed that God is working in Liam’s life. She is thrilled by her son’s decision to follow after God’s heart for reaching the world.

A young man, just barely into his teen years, has a new present and a new forever—and it all began with a simple invitation to watch a movie, and an opportunity to hear and respond to the truth of the Gospel.

One comment on “The Invitation

  1. Jolene Stokesberry
    July 2, 2014

    This is so cool! Jr high ministry is the best!,, I never feel like it’s serving, I feel like I am being blessed!

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