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What Does ALL IN Generosity Look Like?

by Scott Landon, Executive Director

A little over two years ago we embarked on a significant giving challenge: to give at a level that would meet current ministry needs and, at the same time, provide the means to accelerate debt reduction and expand ministry.

All_inWe called it ALL IN, recognizing that this kind of generous giving grows out of an allin commitment to God’s Kingdom work and that it would take all of us who are part of this body to make it happen.

As we standing at the end of that twenty-five-month journey, it is clear that the challenge was heard and that people responded. In fact, these past two years represent two of the highest-giving years in the history of our church, with 2013 giving peaking at $12.3 million and 2014 giving at $12.0 million. Added to the extraordinary giving we saw in December 2012—our first month of ALL IN—our ALL IN giving totaled $27.7 million.

Though we ended up shy of our $30-million goal, it was an incredibly exciting journey that accomplished the key goals of ALL IN.


In addition, our ALL IN generosity has enabled us to eliminate 25 percent of the debt we had before the beginning of ALL IN! As a result of the accelerated debt payments and the restructuring, our interest expense has been reduced significantly and will be $360,000 less in 2015 than it was in 2012 (before the start of ALL IN). That translates to more than $30,000 in savings each month!

We are thanking God for what He’s doing in and through us as we are growing in our generosity and supporting His work here and all over the world. Thank you for your partnership in moving the Gospel forward to reach more people with the Good News, to help them experience life transformation, and to provide them with opportunities to grow as disciples of Christ.

So where does this leave us? Heading into 2015, we are . . .

committed to growing the impact of the Gospel in our own lives, 

intent on sharing the Gospel with the people God brings to us, and

focused on taking the Gospel out into our communities and around the world.

As we’ve said before, our campus is a launching pad for what God has called us to do. We want to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We want to keep growing powerful local ministries. At the same time, we want to build on our legacy as a sending church: one that is ready to go wherever God is working around the world—as well as into our own workplaces and neighborhoods—to bring people to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Thank you for your love and commitment to the church! May 2015 be a year in which we continue to build on our legacy by following His leading and growing in faithfulness and generosity.


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