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I Baptize You…

God is changing hearts and lives! Praise Him as you read these testimonies that were originally shared during a Baptism Celebration earlier this year.


David Antonelli

When David’s life hit a serious low point, he drove to Wheaton Bible Church—across the road from where his girlfriend worked—a building he had seen many times but had never entered. That day he needed to talk, and he came to the Welcome Desk, asking if there was someone available.

On that particular late afternoon, nearly all the Pastors had gone home for the day, but Kyle Reschke, Pastor of Global Mobilization, had just returned from an off-site meeting, and he headed down to the Atrium.

The two men met that day, and many times over the coming weeks and months. God was working in David’s life, and the day came when he placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. On May 31, 2015, David was baptized, publically acknowledging what God has done in his heart and life.


Not too long ago I was feeling like my life had lost its direction. I knew where I wanted to be, but I could not find my way there. My life had hit an intolerable juncture.

It was September of 2014, and something that day brought me to walk in the doors of this building. I did not realize it at the time, but that was my new beginning to life with Jesus Christ.

That day I met Pastor Kyle, and he sat down with me and simply asked me these two things: What is your name? Is God in your life?

At that point, I only knew the answer to the first question.

That day Kyle prayed for me, and he invited me to the service on the following Sunday. He also invited me to meet with him again.

Kyle and so many others have spent time with me and allowed me to call with questions and have helped me so much.

Coming here for the past year and listening to Pastor Rob and Pastor Lon—then watching the sermons again online during the week—I have seen what an excellent job this church does at helping folks like myself understand the Bible, which can be difficult to read and understand on my own. That has made a huge difference in my life.

Today I am declaring that I have given my life to Jesus Christ.


Michelle Vollman

Michelle had worked near Wheaton Bible Church for quite a while and had long been aware of the big church on North Avenue. But she had never come inside.

Once she took that step, she and her fiancé began attending together, not only for Sunday services, but also to be part of the Preparation for Marriage class.

Michelle eventually came to the place where she was ready to put her faith in Jesus Christ, and soon after, she wanted to be baptized. On the day of her Baptism, feeling too overwhelmed to speak, Michelle asked Pastor Chris McElwee to read this testimony on her behalf.


I was raised in the Catholic church and went to Catholic school through eighth grade. But after that I never really went regularly to church. I would pray sometimes, but mainly over problems and things that brought stress into my life.

For the last few years I found myself really needing and wanting God in my life. But I kept pushing away, maybe out of fear or because I thought that I could fix everything myself.

For a long time I didn’t make the choice to walk through the doors of the church—until one day, when I felt like there was nowhere else to go. That was when I came to Wheaton Bible Church.

It was about four months ago that I understood my need. I had been listening to a sermon that day, and I fell to my knees and invited Christ into my life. I knew right then that I wanted to be baptized.

I have been coming to Wheaton Bible Church for about six months now, and I can’t believe how much my life has changed. The support of everyone here is amazing, and the guidance from the Pastors has helped me come to realize that my life is not in my hands.

I don’t feel alone or scared anymore, and I realized that God has a purpose and a plan for me.


Kathryn Eggert

Although Kathryn went to high school at Wheaton Academy and graduated from Wheaton College, circumstances in her life during her late teens and early twenties pushed her away from the church and from her relationship with God. Settling in Wheaton after college and taking a job in nearby Downers Grove, she pursued her hobbies and an interest in theater, but church wasn’t a part of her life.

When Kathryn’s brother began attending Wheaton Bible Church, not long after the church moved to its North Avenue campus, he told his sister about the church he’d found. At first she wasn’t interested, but she agreed to go with him one Sunday to check it out.

At first, Kathryn was overwhelmed by the size of the church, but she was surprised how quickly she felt at home—welcomed by her brother’s friends in Ecclesia, particularly by the members of his small group (which soon became her small group as well).

She’s enjoyed the new relationships with other young adults, but an even greater draw to Kathryn each week, she says, “was definitely Pastor Bugh’s teaching.”

This is the testimony she shared with the church when she was baptized last spring


I prayed with my mom to accept Christ as my Savior when I was in grade school. I went to church and Sunday school my whole life and attended Christian schools, but there have been times when I struggled in my faith.

High school and college were particularly difficult times for my family, and I found it hard to understand why God would allow those things to happen. I grew distant from God and tried to heal my wounds on my own rather than trust God to heal me.

My journey back to a relationship with God began when my brother invited me to come to Wheaton Bible Church. It had been two years since I had been to church, but before long, I was attending worship services, became part of the Ecclesia Adult Community, and joined a small group. I also went to The Table, the new young singles group. But even with all of those opportunities to connect with God, I was still distant.

It was in the middle of an appointment with a counselor I’d been seeing that the Holy Spirit was able to break down my barriers. I came to a new- found understanding of the power of what Jesus did for me when He died on the Cross. That day I realized in a whole new way that there was nothing I could do through my own strength to come to God—that it is only through Jesus’ death on the Cross, where he took all my sin upon Himself, making me pure and blameless before God—that I am able to be in relationship with my heavenly Father.

With the rediscovered understanding of God’s supreme act of love, I now rest secure in the knowledge that I am God’s beloved daughter. Only He can heal my wounds. Only He can soothe my soul. I am His child, I am loved, and I am healed.

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