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Ousamma’s Story 


By Bill Oberlin

Meet Ousamma, a member of the Arabic/Farsi/English Fellowship of Wheaton Bible Church—men and women from the Middle East who gather Sunday mornings to learn from the Scripture and from each other.

As a young man growing up in Egypt, Ousamma was often angry. In fact, when he would return home at the end of the day, the first question his family asked him was, “Ousamma, who did you fight with today?”

Later Ousamma met some followers of Jesus and began a journey toward faith in Christ. He came to experience the reality of 2 Corinthians 5:17, which says, “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” The change in Ousamma’s life was dramatic. The old hostility faded, and a spirit of gratitude and compassion blossomed in him.

A talented young clothing designer and tailor, Ousamma moved to Lebanon and pursued his dream of opening his own studio of fashion design and clothing production. He gathered his resources, borrowed some money, rented a space, and purchased sewing machines. But shortly before he opened his business, a thief broke in and stole Ousamma’s cash and equipment. All his collateral was gone; his dream dead. To add to the disappointment, Ousamma felt certain he knew who had robbed him, but he could offer the police no proof.

A short time later, however, Ousamma heard that this man had been in a serious auto accident and was in the hospital in critical condition. Ousamma also learned that the man needed a blood transfusion, but there was a problem. The hospital had no supply of the man’s scarce blood type. Can you guess whose blood type was a match for the thief? Yes—Ousamma’s! And do you know what Ousamma did? He gave his blood to save the life of the man who had robbed him and stolen his dream.

His actions can be explained only by the reality that when we have been shown mercy and have experienced the love of Christ, we become new people who see others differently. We stop keeping a tally of their insults and offenses against us, and we find tangible ways to extend forgiveness and friendship—even to those who act like our worst enemies. That’s what Jesus did for us—and what Ousamma, a follower of Jesus, did for the man who had wronged him.


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