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Summer 2014

Rob Bugh, Senior Pastor

Rob Bugh, Senior Pastor

There’s nothing like a birthday to cause a person to think back over the years and look at where he or she has come from—and maybe to give a little thought to what’s ahead.

The same is true of our church as we celebrate its 85th birthday this summer. We have much to thank God for over these years, and I think you’ll enjoy the reflections on that anniversary shared by Gary Dausey, our Associate Pastor Emeritus, in this issue of LIFE. Gary hasn’t quite been around our church for all of those years—but he’s definitely the guy to ask when it comes to questions about the history of Wheaton Bible Church.

As you read his brief recounting of key events in our past (see pages 14–15), and as you enjoy the rest of the stories on these pages, be encouraged by real-life snapshots of just some of the ways God has been at work in and through the men and women, students and families He has brought to our church

May we continue to build on our rich heritage of faith, committed to allowing Christ to transform us into the kind of grace-filled, Gospel-focused disciples He has called us to be.

In awe of His amazing love,
Rob Bugh, Senior Pastor


If the cover on this issue of LIFE at Wheaton Bible Church evokes the sense of a peaceful summer evening, then it has achieved its intended goal—to reflect both the season that is now upon us and also the peace of God that “transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). It’s that peace you’ll read about in these pages as we are privileged to tell stories of those who have found the only peace that lasts, in spite of life’s circumstances and seasons: peace with God through Jesus Christ.

Be inspired as you read, and praise God with us for these stories of how He is at work in and through the people and the ministries of Wheaton Bible Church. 

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