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A Healing Journey for Grieving Parents

It was the 2:00 am phone call every parent dreads. Chris and Kathy Pelkey’s twenty-year-old daughter, Bethany, a college junior, away at school in Davenport, Iowa, had been hit by … Continue reading

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You don’t have to go through periods of difficulty, hardship, or disappointment alone. Our support communities, pastors, and volunteers can provide a safe place to share your struggles and rediscover … Continue reading

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Monday Night Family Care

Joanie’s Story Losing my husband and the children’s father is by far the most difficult thing I have faced in my forty-five years. Nothing will ever compare to the wrenching … Continue reading

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Why do they gather, week after week, these men and women who have lost a spouse, a child, or another close family member? For one recent widow, the group is … Continue reading

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