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Galina’s Story: A New Commitment. A Fresh Beginning.

Galina Shuliga loves her parents. She admires their courageous decision to 
immigrate to America many years ago from the then Soviet-dominated Ukraine. She is thankful that they are people of … Continue reading

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Transforming Communities Together By Bill Oberlin, Global Outreach Pastor Dust. Dryness. Despair.  The Turkana region (northwest Kenya, bordering South Sudan), desolate under the best of circumstances, had become nearly uninhabitable … Continue reading

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Two Bible Distribution Stories

Good News in Bad Times for Greece DATELINE: NORTHERN GREECE—These are turbulent financial times for the Greek people, but a group of 323 volunteers from 22 countries around the world (including … Continue reading

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Notes and News from Our Missionaries

WBC is a sending church! Over the past 8 decades, 480 individuals from our church have become global missionaries. We currently support 94 couples and singles in 40 nations; literally, the sun never … Continue reading

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Puente del Pueblo: The Bridge that God Built…and Keeps on Building

(Léelo en Español) by Nancy Gruben Puente del Pueblo is a joint community outreach of our church’s two ministry “arms”—Wheaton Bible Church and Iglesia del Pueblo. Located in the Timber Lake (formerly Westwood) apartment complex … Continue reading

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A God-sized Project: A Vision Becoming Reality

Church Finances by Scott Landon, Executive Director It was just six years ago—January of 2005—when the members of our church approved a plan that put in motion the design and construction of … Continue reading

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Missionaries Anonymous

By Jim Judge We adhere to a dangerous faith. Over the last two thousand years Christianity has changed nation after nation, culture after culture, from the inside out, one person … Continue reading

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ESL Classes Come to Puente del Pueblo

What would it mean to Hispanic or Middle Eastern immigrants to be able to fluently communicate in English? Everyday transactions would be simplified, workplace instructions would be clarified, private medical … Continue reading

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Heart for AIDS: Three Intersections

By James Misner, Pastor of Global Mobilization INTERSECTION #1 Miriam lay on her sofa, nervously stroking the bottle of poison with her thumbs. It was midday, and the sun mercilessly … Continue reading

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Even as news about the Japan earthquake and tsunami riveted the world’s attention, Wheaton Bible Church was in contact with our missionaries there—Kent and Yuko Muhling, and Brian and Margery … Continue reading

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Hun-gry: A Taste of WBC’s Hunger Team Ministry

by Eileen Carapia “It has been said that a person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope. … Continue reading

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